Counselling International offers:

At some point in time, we may all encounter difficulties or conflicts that affect our life to a considerable degree. When neither personal efforts nor talking to friends or family help enough and when relationships, work or health (are about to) become troubled, professional help can make all the difference.

· Individual counselling can help in case of personal difficulties due to stress or tension, inner conflicts and current/past loss or trauma. These need not be mental health problems, though they may cause serious mental/physical discomfort such as insomnia, ailments, fatigue, negative thinking or depressed mood. This first-line therapeutic help can change confusion to clarity, improve self-view and mental balance, strengthen personal power and self-management.

· Coaching is particularly suited to fairly defined questions or dilemmas in the personal/work sphere that lend themselves to a more pragmatic, methodical approach. Life coaching can help address ongoing life problems related to meaning, purpose or direction.

· Couple therapy is indicated for intimate partners who want to work on their relationship because they want to get back their spark and regain mutual satisfaction or because certain events/upsets or conflicts are hard to deal with. An open exploration of habitual interaction can help change conflict to communication and isolation to renewed warmth and closeness. In an adapted form, relationship therapy can also benefit parent-child, employer-employee and other relationships.

“Seeking professional help is not a sign of weakness, but rather of strength – indicating willingness and courage to tackle problems”

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