Coaching can be especially useful in case of a fairly defined question or dilemma like:

  • How can I get ahead in my career or study?
  • What do I need to reach my goal?
  • How can I finish this project?
  • How can I deal better with my principal, manager, employer/employee, parent, adolescent kid, etcetera?
  • How can I realise my potential?
  • How do I prevent (or recover from) a burnout?
  • I want a different job - what will suit me?
  • What do I want to do with (the rest of) my life?
  • Can I realise my dream without short-changing my family?
  • How to handle conflicts better?
  • My study disappoints me - should I maybe opt for something different?
  • Etcetera.

Person-centred and developmental coaching can help clarify goals and ways to achieve them. Life coaching can address an ongoing sense of unease or dissatisfaction with oneself or with life.

Coaching is normally offered in 3-5 sessions of 1 hour that can be extended if necessary, with a repeat session later to discuss progress and eventual adjustments.

For employers it can be a smart investment to offer employees preventive stress reduction or burnout prevention/treatment coaching. The expressed reaction is often: How I wish I had gone for this earlier!

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