Counselling is a form of talking therapy that helps investigate what is currently most difficult or troubling, In an atmosphere of personal attention, respect and empathy, there is room to explore all aspects of a situation, to seek meaning or direction, to set goals and select solutions or adaptations that create positive change.

Particular issues such as: crisis, identity, relationship/family difficulties, grief, loss, excessive stress or tension, burnout, depression, sexual/emotional/psychological difficulties or trauma, ongoing dissatisfaction, anxiety or doubt, can be amongst the reasons for seeking counselling.

Duration of counselling can be determined by the situation and is decided by mutual agreement.

Brief counselling or coaching can be useful to motivated clients with a specific problem, who want to work hard and make the necessary changes. This can take 3-5 consecutive sessions (Exploration, Options, Actionplan), to be extended or repeated if necessary.

Open-ended counselling may be more beneficial in case of long-standing or complex difficulties; duration is then not set in advance but continues by mutual agreement, with periodic evaluation. However, even then the client may decide to focus on just one area to achieve beneficial results faster.

The person-centred and experiential therapist freely shares information and ideas, but clients are helped best by examining their own experience and clarifying their thoughts and feelings, because this can lead to better understanding of what it is really about, allowing for best personal solutions and for improvements in quality of life and general well-being. The person-centred approach derives from as humanistic, holistic view of people, based on respect, acceptance, openness and empathy.

The counsellor is able to read and speak several languages, the working language tends to be English or Dutch. The aim is optimal communication.

Duration of therapy is always open for discussion, aiming to have no more sessions than necessary, but ideally enough to provide lasting benefit.