Presentations, workshops, publications

Presentations for small and large groups have ranged from topics such as Intercultural communication and relationships to Creative conflict resolution and included Close encounters of the 3rd kind: Life with a partner whose culture is different from your own. New topics are possible.

In-office brief courses are available such as:

  • Stress: assessment ‐ reduction ‐ prevention
  • Communication: How to make a success of difficult conversations
  • Better conflict management

Workshops are available for all-day or half day/evening on the following topics and more:

  • Invitation to an exciting exploratory journey ‐ destination: your Self (Who am I? What do I stand for? Where do I come from? Where do I want to go?)
  • Stress and resilience.
  • Creative conflict resolution.
  • Conflicts in partner relationships: from fight/flight to dialogue.


A copy of publications (published and unpublished) can be requested (if not directly available in WORD-DOC):

  • Is there a difference between empathy and sympathy? [Word-Doc]
  • Life as an 'alien': on intercultural experience from an expat viewpoint [Word-Doc]
  • Shlien's 'counter-theory of transference' revisited
  • Suicide and the counsellor (for counsellors, therapists, students)
  • Non-violent communication: A language of compassion
  • Diversity, multicultural issues, adjustment and loss
  • Working with and understanding trauma
  • On the value of pessimism, insecurity, uncertainty and failure.

More are in the planning. If you are interested, contact 071 528 2661 or