Since October 2008 the international Diploma Course in Counselling & Coaching has been offered in The Hague to groups of enthusiastic international students that meet on 10 trainingdays. New groups may start around October of a given year. Details:

The course is presented by the Academy for Counselling and Coaching (ACC) and is based on person-centred principles: anyone with sufficient English-language ability and with the capacity to handle the course literature and requirements is welcome to register. Full details and registration via (mind: double ll). ACC is accredited by the governmental CRKBO and recognised for offering quality short-term professional education. Trainers of ACC too are accredited by CRKBO as qualified professionals. CRKBO accreditation means the course is exempted from btw (tax) charges.

The course consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part requires studying the literature which is further explained during training days and discussed in small study groups. Practical skills are demonstrated and learned through exercises during training days and also practised in study group and with real clients. This way new knowledge and skills build on existing talents and experience and add to professional repertoire, so that learning is immediately applicable in daily life or work and may serve as basis for a career switch or advancement.

People who take such a course inevitably gain insight in their own/others' behaviour and motivation and this can lead to a valuable growth process. Effective communication skills and helpful feedback are tools for better professional and personal interacting, that may be very useful to men and women in management, teamleading/building, education, as well as healthcare.

Please check for the latest info about Level 1 and 2:
For further questions: Els Barkema-Sala 071 528 2661 or